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Monthly Archive November 2018


VR Cut is Here!

VRCut Software


The VRCut solution consists of two modules that work together. The Impose module creates PDF documents formatted specifically to work with the VRCut Controller module. The Controller module connects directly to the Triumph cutter moving the back gauge and visually guiding operators through the cutting sequence.







#3 (orig)


The VRCut Impose module is a standalone imposition software that transforms your artwork into PDFs laid out specifically for optimized cutting on the VRCut enabled Triumph cutter. The software places a template barcode and innovative visual markers that enable an automated cutting process. Consolidate your workflows by taking advantage of the software’s data merge feature.


The VRCut Controller module connects directly to your Triumph cutter for automatic back gauge movement and provides a step-by-step visual interface. The operator simply scans the document barcode to load the corresponding template and artwork to start the job. The software gives the operator visual indication of paper orientation, paper rotation between cuts, when to discard scraps, and how to process cut sheets. This first of its kind software simplifies the task of cutting, which allows operators with all levels of experience to cut with confidence!

VRCut Demo 1: 5″x7″ Postcard on 12″x18″ Sheets:







#6 (orig)

#4 (orig)

5260 VRCut

Cutting width, inches: 20 3/8
Cutting height, inches: 3
Narrow cut, inches: 1 3/8
Length behind blade, inches: 20 3/8

5560/5560 LT VRCut

Cutting width, inches: 21 5/8
Cutting height, inches: 3 3/4
Narrow cut, inches: 1 1/4
Length behind blade, inches: 22 7/16

6660 VRCut

Cutting width, inches: 25 1/2
Cutting height, inches: 3
Narrow cut, inches: 1
Length behind blade, inches: 24

7260 VRCut

Cutting width, inches: 28
Cutting height, inches: 3
Narrow cut, inches: 3/4
Length behind blade, inches: 28



Introducing The All New Formax ColorMax 8 Multi Substrate Ink Jet Printer

ColorMax8 Digital Color Printer

Intuitive 7" full-color touchscreen provides status updates, image preview and access to common featuresMemjet print head has 70,400 ink nozzles and no moving parts, for higher speeds, less noise and lower ink and maintenance costs

The ColorMax8 Digital Color Printer combines the latest in inkjet technology with the capacity to produce full bleed, full-color mailing and packaging solutions. In addition to envelope printing and addressing, the wider, flatter paper path allows users to print on stuffed envelopes, 10 x 13 flats, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, cartons, padded envelopes and more, up to 3/8” thick. Its Memjet® print head has 70,400 ink nozzles and no moving parts, which offers higher speeds, lower ink and maintenance costs and less noise.

An intuitive 7” color touchscreen provides greater control over the entire print process, displaying system status and providing access to common functions and settings. The ColorMax 8 produces full-color CMYK output, up to 16.8 million colors, on a variety of paper stocks and sizes, with full-bleed capability on media up to 8.5” wide. It can print 1600 x 1600 dpi at 6 inches per second, and 1600 x 800 dpi at 12 inches per second.

With its thermal inkjet technology, it doesn’t require heat or contact to create an image, so it can safely be used with pre-printed envelopes and windowed envelopes without damaging the window or marring the original image. High-capacity ink tanks and fully-automated print head cleaning ensure optimum print quality throughout print runs.



Dye Sublimation Is HOT! HOT! HOT!


We are excited to be offering the complete line of Royal Sovereign Dye Sublimation Calendaring Equipment in Arizona. Products range from high production units down to low production and all are able to run roll to roll or piece production.

NexxPress™ line of Calender Heat Transfer Systems has available options of an extra long infra-red heated drum or a traditional self-contained oil heated drum (available in 14″ø, 22″ø or 34″ø), each ensuring a smooth and even heat distribution. Engineered for Roll to Roll Production and for Piece Production with sizes ranging from 65″ up to 122″, Royal Sovereign has evolved to need your dye sublimation transfer needs.