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Intec introduces the World’s Most Affordable Flatbed Cutter


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Introducing ColorFlare Foil Flaring System


Premium decorative effects for digital solutions
The Intec ColorFlare is a compact and environmentally-friendly, dual laminator and foil-flaring device, designed to offer an in-house decorative effects solution for short-run, on demand digital applications, as well as lamination for traditional litho output too!
With the ability to laminate and foil-flare straight out of the box, and with minimal training, this high-quality production unit will soon start earning its keep – and you a great reputation!Intec ColorFlare: Raising ordinary print work to ‘extra-ordinary’. ColorFlare has been developed to meet specific print-finishing requirements and built to exacting technical standards – with fully controllable pressure and heat processes, devised to deliver optimum results with today’s digital print output. Both lamination and flaring-film rolls are available in a choice of widths and lengths to deliver great value and cost-effective production – particularly when using the CF1000L model with its extended input table for banners and long media.CF1000The Intec ColorFlare 1000 is our entry model, providing everything you need to laminate and create high-end decorative effects for premium print.


The Intec ColorFlare 1000L boosts productivity and ease-of-use, featuring the superb ‘extended format table’, making production easier and also enabling the production of long poster/banner media.


The Intec ColorFlare 1000LX is our flagship model, including all the features of the CF1000L and the additional 2nd Flaring Roller assembly, enabling both Laminate and Metalic foils rolls to be loaded simultaneously – reducing your setup time and enabling much faster switch over. In addition, the unique additional Flaring Roller assembly enables dual metallic rolls of a similar size to be loaded for foiling of multiple different colors at the same time.



Rhin-O-Tuff Introduces the Revolutionary Tornado Automatic Collating Punch System

Tornado Autopunch EX™

Rhin-O-Tuff® Announces the New Tornado Autopunch EX™ – The World’s First Automated Collating Punch System- utilizing BDT’s patented Tornado technology.

Creative Document Systems is the Rhin-O-Tuff Authorized Dealer for Arizona and Southern Nevada.

The Rhin-O-Tuff® Tornado Autopunch EX is an industry breakthrough system that uses BDT Print Media’s advanced media handling technology to automatically feed, collate, punch and deliver offset book stacks ready for binding in a single platform.

The system will save binding service providers up to 40% in process efficiency, dramatically reducing overall costs. Handling the widest range of media in the industry, the system delivers unparalleled flexibility and enables concurrent binding operations. Perfect for on-demand, short runs the system includes easy programmable job set-up, monitoring and changeovers.

World’s First Automated Collating Punch

A single off-line automated collation and punching platform to meet the needs of your on-demand print environment with a quick return on investment.

Advanced Media Handling Technology

Powered by BDT’s patented Tornado Technology to separate, lift and transport the widest range of media, including printed media and other book components like covers, tabs and inserts reliably minimizing downtime.

Widest Media Range in the Industry

The system handles media from 60gsm – 312gsm, including light porous/heavy coated print media and specialty binding media like plastics, vinyl, and textures.

Automated Interposing of Covers/Index Tabs/Inserts

Two Interposer Bins hold up to .59” (15mm) of media, auto-collating front/back covers, inserts and index tabs into the book stack prior to punching. No manual collation required.

Accommodates Mixed Media Run on Digital/Offset Printers

High-Capacity Main Bin holds up to 2500 sheets, including mixed media*.

“Patent-Pending” Paper Accumulation Technology

Designed to accumulate covers, tabs and document sheets and auto-adjust the punch lifts depending on the type of media being run for maximum punching performance.

Heavy-Duty Auto-Punch Technology

Proven Rhin-O-Tuff technology punches up to 10,800 sheets per hour, improving throughput.

Offset Book Stacks Ready for Binding

Book stacks exit collated and ready for binding, enabling operator’s to start the binding process while the punching job is still running, saving time and labor.

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MBM Announces New Ideal Brand Air Purifiers

IDEAL Air Purifiers


The indoor air we breathe has an under-appreciated influence on our well-being. Statistics reveal that we spend up to 90 percent of the day indoors – more time than ever before. Considering this, not a lot of effort is needed to grasp the impact that air quality has on our well-being. Those who can work in naturally healthy air work better because they feel fine, can clearly perform better, and are sick less. But good air is often hard to find in the office.

The new IDEAL air purifiers with ionic technology are the ideal solution for improving indoor air. The product line consists of five new air purifiers with performance sizes for spaces ranging from 150 square feet to 1,000 square feet. All five models are equipped with the highly effective AEON Blue® cleaning system, which scrubs the room air more effectively than almost any other air purifier – using high-efficiency, multi-level filters. This innovative and effective technology is a winner. A six-stage cleaning system, a filter combination and built-in plasma cleaning technology, cleanses the air of 99.97% of pollutants.

IDEAL provides a specific remedy and offers a whole new product range that draws on the ideas of nature. Fine dust, pollen and other allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, cigarette smoke and even chemical fumes and odors are filtered out from the air with great effectiveness. These air purifiers are also perfect for allergy sufferers. In addition, the IDEAL air purifiers enrich the air with negative ions. Studies show that in areas of air with a high accumulation of negative ions the oxygen content of the blood increases. All without creating any ozone. This simple and natural principle provides for a variety of positive and tangible effects.

Air Purifier Warranty: 
1 year limited warranty, excluding wearables.


IDEAL AP15 shredder photo


IDEAL AP30 shredder photo


IDEAL AP45 shredder photo

IDEAL AP40 Med Edition

IDEAL AP40 Med Edition shredder photo

IDEAL AP100 Med Edition

IDEAL AP100 Med Edition shredder photo


We are excited to now represent Baumfolder Corporation in Arizona!

Baumfolder Corporation: An Organization Committed to Quality

Baumfolder Corporation is a leading producer of equipment for post-press bindery finishing, mailing and material handling, located in Sidney, OH. Our experienced teams and efficient facility are utilized to full advantage with our Contract Manufacturing Services.

Our History

baumfolder historic photo

From the beginning in 1917, our history of product innovation, performance and support has been legendary.

Baumfolder Corporation began as the Liberty Folder Company, founded in Sidney, Ohio. Russell Baum, an accomplished Philadelphia businessman, became a Liberty Dealer in 1935. Mr. Baum sold so many Liberty machines in the eastern United States, that they became known as “Baum” folders.  In 1950, Russell Baum became the company’s sole owner.

Throughout Baumfolder Corporation’s history, mergers and acquisitions have played an important role in product development and growth.  Heidelberger Druckmaschien AG (Heidelberg), the renowned graphic arts equipment manufacturer, bought Stahl, USA, and with it Baumfolder in 1999. Baumfolder Corporation is now a division of Heidelberg.


Introducing the New All In One Coil Binding System from Rhin-O-Tuff


Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000

Electric Spiral Binding Machine Designed for The Modern Workspace

All-In-One Spiral Punch, Bind, and Crimping System

Rhin-O-Tuff’s start-to-finish spiral binding system includes vertical punching, electric coil inserting and electric crimping all in one machine. Unique features include:

    • LED Panel: Indicates operation mode for user.

Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000

  • Open-ended Punch Throat: Allows documents longer than 11” or A4 to be punched.
  • Dual Coil Rollers: Full size, dual coil insertion rollers improve binding efficiency.
  • Power Crimper: Electric coil crimping up to 50mm, eliminating need for hand crimpers.
  • Oval Hole: Oval hole punch allows for easier coil inserting.
  • Foot Pedal: Can be used for punching and crimping with toggle switch for hands-free operation.

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  • Coil Binding System 3000 Electric Paper Punch Feature

    Touch-Button Paper Punching

    The Coil Binding System 3000 is designed to electrically punch up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. bond per lift. The vertical punch throat allows you to align, job and insert pages and covers using gravity for the perfect punch each time. Use the touch-button or foot pedal for hands-free punching. Oversized oval punch pins punch larger holes for easy coil threading.

  • Coil Binding System 3000 Electric Coil Inserter Feature

    Seamless Coil Insertion

    Dual electric coil rollers built right into this unique spiral binding system push the coil binding element easily through the holes in seconds. The Coil Roller Adjustment knob allows the user to insert coil diameters from 6mm to 50mm or documents up to 2″ (440 sheets of 20 lb. bond).

  • Coil Binding System 3000 Electric Crimper Feature

    Integrated Electric Crimping

    The best feature of this all-in-one spiral binding machine: integrated electric coil crimping! Once the coil is inserted into the document, simply place each end into the electric coil crimper and press the foot pedal. The crimper will cut and bend the end of the coil element, ensuring the coil will not unravel from the book. The crimper dial adjusts easily for coil elements from 6mm to 560mm. No more clumsy hand crimpers or separate crimping machines required!


Introducing the INTEC Colorsplash Digital Printers

CS_BANNER_CS5600_EnvelopeFeeder_WhiteWe have signed on as Intec’s Newest Dealer in Arizona, we have our demo equipment in place and are ready to show off this unique line of digital printing equipment at our Tempe Show Room.

Intec ColorSplash Professional Envelope Solution

Intec’s new CS4000 and CS5000 digital print solutions deliver superb CMYK imaging quality coupled with an expansive media latitude and a flexible, modular range of production options. The CS range utilises advanced organic toner, new LED imaging technology and innovative fusing expertise to deliver stunning image quality every time. The flagship Intec CS5000 model also adds a fifth print station to the conventional CMYK stations, enabling you to broaden your printing capabilities with white or clear effects, helping your business to capture more high value applications and revenue streams.

In contrast to standard office printers, the Intec ColorSplash CS4000 and CS5000 digital imaging systems are aimed towards print professionals seeking an affordable entry level production device, with outstanding print quality, complete media flexibility and the lowest imaging cost possible

CS4600 & CS5600 Intec ColorSplash digital envelope production system

Includes the professional envelope feeder, designed for commercial envelope printing applications. Utilising a professional continuous/uninterrupted top loading envelope hopper, which feeds the printer from the bottom of the stack ensuring you can refill the envelopes as you continue to print. Supplied with companion Intec shingling conveyor featuring a variable overlap facility for all envelopes and standard sheet fed print. Available with standard 4 colour imaging configuration or 5 colour imaging configuration.

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GFP 800 Series Professional Series Laminator

800 series

GFP 800

For finishing professionals who need versatility, quality, and economy in one machine, the Gfp 800 Series Laminators deliver. Turn out thermal encapsulation with low melt films (1.5-10mil), PSA lamination, and mounting jobs quickly and easily.

Operators will spend less time on set-ups and changeovers thanks to swing out supply shafts and film rolls up to 10” in diameter. Two front rewind shafts allow thermal encapsulation of prints from a roll.

Additionally, the GFP 800 series features upper and lower re-wind shafts for PSA Films and mounting adhesives, allowing for both Thermal and PSA Lamination in one machine.

GFP machines are covered by a 1-year warranty, and pricing includes factory installation, and operator training.


  • Two swing out supply shafts
  • Two front unwind shafts
  • Roller diameter 5.25”
  • Web clutch adjustment
  • Variable roller gap 1”
  • Motorized rear rewind option
  • Infinitely variable nip adjustment
  • Independent top/bottom heaters
  • Swing up feed table
  • Dual tension controls
  • Print pressure plate
  • 36” table height output
  • Silicone rollers
  • CE Certified

800_Series thermal literature_4_2014


Income Tax Folders


Make income tax season a breeze with no fail, easy to use Income Tax Folders. Specially designed to hold corporate, individual or fiduciary tax returns. The unique flap folds to conceal the staples, creating a professional finished look worthy of any CPA.

Tax Folder



New Printable Fastback Image Strips


It is now possible to create individual and unique Fastback bound books with the new printable Fastback image strip blanks.

Design your strips using the convenient web based template tool, save your design, and print on an ordinary ink jet office printer.

For smaller volumes or one offs, the Image Blank is the way to go. The Image Blank is a sheet with white inkjet thermal binding strips tacked on a paper backing. Design your Image Strips using a template provided by Powis. Print the designs onto the Image Blank sheet from an inkjet desktop printer. Peel the printed Image Strips off the paper backing and bind your documents in the Fastback 20 binding system.