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Production Coil Binding Machines

James Burn Koilmatic Semi Automatic Desktop Coil Inserting and Crimping System

James Burn Koilmatic Table-Top Electric Automatic Coil Inserter/Crimper is an affordable fully electric table-top automatic coil inserter designed with the digital print market in mind. Easy set up that requires no tools or shop air to run. Binds up to 450 books per hour.

The vertical book placement of the James Burn Koilmatic has gravity working to its advantage. The prepunched book is positioned in the machine on its spine so tabs or wider covers are no problem.Pre-set “Cut & Bend” mounted blocks are in place for immediate adjustment for the common 8.5” or 11” binding edges. The operator simply slides the cut/bend heads into position and tightens the locking arm.

The James Burn Koilmatic does not require tools for basic setup and changeover. The machine’s innovative coil diameter adjustment provides easy and accurate carriage positioning. It has a built-in coil sizing gauge to help the operator confirm the diameter of coil required in relation to the book’s thickness. The pre-punched book is placed in the machine on spine formers. Spine formers create a curve to the binding edge to allow for easier coil insertion. The spine formers are conveniently stored inside the front panel of the Koilmatic .

The James Burn Koilmatic has a Liquid Crystal Display screen that guides the operator through the machine’s setup and operation. The LCD Screen communicates machine status at all times.


  • Comes Complete with set of 13 spine formers, photo instruction manual & training DVD.
  • Productivity – Up to 450 books/hour
  • Coil Capabilities – 8 mm to 20 mm (1/8″ to 5/8″ book thickness)
  • Binding Edge Capabilities – 8.5″ / 11″ / A5 / A4.
  • Trouble shooting – on board electronic diagnostic capabilities.
  • Format – Oval hole .2475″ Pitch
  • Preset Cut & Bend – conveniently set for the common 8.5″ or 11″ edge.
  • Offcut Disposal Drawer
  • Foot Pedal Actuated
  • Fully electric – No air required.
  • No tools required for basic setup & changeover.
  • LCD Screen – Guides operator through setup and operation.
  • Vertical book placement can accommodate tabs or wider covers.
  • Consistent simultaneous crimping on both coil ends.
  • Convenient presets for the common binding edges.
  • Uses the same patented technology as James Burn CB30QS Inserter.


James  Burn CB30Q Automatic Coil Inserter

The James Burn CB30QS automatically inserts, and cuts & crimps plastic coil from 8 mm to 20 mm into pre-punched documents. Options available for 6 &7 mm and 22mm to 30mm sizes.

Quick setup requires no tools for basic setup and operations. The CB30QS can also be used in-line with an automatic coil forming machine for efficient in-line coil manufacturing and automatic insertion.

This compact, low maintenance workhorse is the most affordable and easy to use automatic coil inserter in the industry, and is perfect for trade, in plant, or large office environment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick Setup – No tools required for basic setup and operation.
  • Easy to Use – Automatically inserts pre-cut coil lengths into pre-punched books and simultaneously crimps both ends in a single operation.
  • Efficient – Production speeds up to 600 books per hour.
  • Coil Sizes – Inserts a full range of coil sizes from 8mm to 20mm, with optional tools are available to accommodate 6 & 7 mm and 22mm to 30mm.
  • Pitches – Comes standard as .2475 pitch and requires a 5 x 4mm oval punch die. Optional 3:1 pitch available which requires a 6.5 x 5.5 mm oval punch dies for 22mm to 30mm size coil.
  • Convenient – Built-in offcut handling and disposal. Hands free foot pedal actuated for two handed document placement.
  • Tabs/Covers – Vertical book placement accommodates tabs and wider covers.
  • Document Sizes – Accommodates document finishing edges from 5″ to 12″, the CB30QS-17 will accomidated documents up to 17″ wide.
  • Comes Complete – 15 sets of spine formers; photo instruction manual and instructional video.
  • Installation – Small Footprint and caster wheels allow quick and easy machine placement.