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Pro-Bind Thermal Binding

Thermal binding machines are sometimes referred to as therm-a-bind or thermobind machines and provide a quick easy way to bind your documents, reports, presentations and proposals. Thermal Binding Machines use heat to bind your documents in professional, full wrap one piece covers. You simply place your pages in your cover and then put both in your Thermal Binding Machine. You can use a thermal binding machine to bind both hard cover and soft cover documents and can even make your own covers using Thermal Binding Gluestrips.

Key Vertical Markets for Pro-Bind Products and their applications:

Accounting Firms
Accounting is a highly competitive service industry dominated by image-conscious firms. Accounting firms want presentation products that are high quality and that are not easily altered. Suggested uses of Pro-Bind Products for this market include:
– Audit Department
Soft Thermal Covers – SEC Filings, Performance Reviews
Two-Piece Cover Sets – Financial Statements

– Tax Department
Soft Thermal Covers – Annual and Quarterly Reviews
Income Tax Folders – Individual and Corporate Tax Returns

– Consultant Department
Soft Thermal Covers – Policy Guidelines, Procedural Manuals
Hard Thermal Covers – Strategic Plans

– Business Development Department
Soft Thermal Covers – Financing Packaging
Hard Thermal Covers – IPO Proposals
Two-Piece Cover Sets – Operations & Business Status Reports

Financial Institutions
Service and competition among financial institutions has increased over the past years. These institutions value professional marketing pieces and functionality. Suggested uses of Pro-Bind Products for this market include:

– Trust Department
Soft Thermal Covers – Estate Planning
Two-Piece Cover Sets – Estate Settlements, Trust and Guardianship Reports

– Loan Department
Soft Thermal Covers – Real Estate Loan Proposals
Hard Thermal Covers – Commercial Loan Proposals
Two-Piece Cover Sets – Loan Closing Documents

– Marketing Department
Soft Thermal Covers – Business Development Reports
Hard Thermal Covers – Market Research Reports

Real Estate Agencies
The Real Estate market is very image-driven Pro-Bind’s products can exceed any of the presentation needs for this robust industry. Suggested uses of Pro-Bind Products for this market include:

– Commercial Real Estate Divisions
Hard Thermal Covers – Listing Proposals
Soft Thermal Covers – Marketing Plan and Proposal

Independent Real Estate Agencies
Soft Thermal Covers – Listing Proposals, Leasing Proposals, Market Analysis
Two-Piece Cover Sets – Leasing Closing Documents

Educational Institutions
The value of education has greatly increased in the past decade. These institutions demand school branded, yet affordable products. Pro-Bind’s products achieve all of that and more. Suggested uses of Pro-Bind Products for this market include:

– PTO/PTA/Parent Clubs
Soft Thermal Covers – Phone and Membership Directories
Hard Thermal Covers and Yearbooks – Sports Club Fundraisers

– Administration
Soft Thermal Covers – Policy Guidelines, Procedural Manuals
Hard Thermal Covers – Weekly-Planners
Yearbooks – Alumni Journals

– Students

Soft Thermal Covers – Creative/Writing Essays
Hard Thermal Covers – Thesis
Yearbooks – School Annuals


Pro-Bind P1000 Thermal Binding System

The new Pro-Bind 1000 thermal binding machine is designed as a compact, lightweight and inexpensive thermal binding unit for professional applications. The PB-1000 is designed to have all the punch of the Pro-Bind 2000 but is limited to a one inch binding throat and is meant for lighter duty applications than its bigger brother. You can still use the Pro-Bind 1000 to bind multiple books at one time and this unit is even capable of binding hard cover books when run through two binding cycles and then crimped in our hard cover crimper. This unit is feature packed and includes a fast 3 minute warm up, visual and auditable tone when binding cycle is finished and a built in standby feature to reduce power consumption. The cooling rack is also built right onto the back of the unit. All of these features make the Pro-Bind 1000 an excellent choice for a small office, home based business or for self publishing


  • Hard Cover & Soft Cover Binding Capabilities
  • Simple One-Touch Operation
  • Convenient Built-In Cooling Rack
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Dimensions:15.5″ W x 8-7/8″ D x 4-1/4″ H
  • Power-Supply:120V / 60hz
  • Binding Throat:12″ x 1-1/4″
  • Binding Capacity: 3/4″
  • Manufacturer: Pro-Bind
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Pro-Bind Hard Cover Crimper

The Pro-Bind Hard Cover Book Crimper provides the perfect finish to Hard Bound
Books. This hardcover crimper is needed for finishing thermal hard cover cases in order to give your books the correct spine adjustment. Using the Probind hardback book crimper is as easy as 1-2-3. Immediately after the binding cycle
is done, retract the handle on the crimper and place the spine of the book flat on the base towards the back of the hardcover crimper. Then release the handle and let the book stand in the crimper for at least 60 seconds or until the book is cool to the touch. Then retract the handle and remove the book. It is as simple as that. Just make sure that when you bind the book that the spine is square and that the pages are jogged evenly and laid flat inthe spine for the best possible bind.


Pro-Bind P2000 Professional Duty Thermal Binding System

The Pro-Bind 2000 is a heavy duty professional thermal binding system that is
designed for organizations that are looking for machine that is both dependable and easy to use. The Probind 2000 offers the ability to bind documents up to two inches thick, or you can use it to bind multiple documents at at time for a total binding thickness of up to two inches. Unlike many of the other thermal binding machines on the market, this machine is built out of metal which makes it incredibly durable. This makes the Probind2000 an ideal solution for organizations that do moderate to high volumes of binding and don’t want to have to replace their machine after a couple of years. The Pro-Bind 2000 is designed for binding both soft covered and hard covered documents. It can be used with traditional thermal binding soft covers including goofless utility covers and GBC therm-a-bind covers. However, it can also be used to bind thermal binding hard cover cases and thermal photobooks when combined with the Probind Hard Cover Crimper. The Probind 2000 can even be used with Unibind covers and spines or with thermal binding gluestrips and your own printed covers.


  • All Metal Construction
  • Auto Shut Off
  • 14.75” Binding Length
  • Binds Multiple Documents At One Time
  • Circuit Board Mounted on frame away from heating unit
  • Cycle Time 30 seconds Soft Cover & 60 seconds for Hard Cover
  • 15 Degree Angle on Heating Plate – Allows for less spreading of sheets in
    binding process
  • Factory Set Heat – Fully electronically programmable for changes in paper
    material or content substraights – 300 to 350 degrees
  • No Warm Up Required
  • One Button Operation
  • 1/16” to 2” Binding Capacity
  • 1-Year warranty