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Intec Digital Label Printing Equipment

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The fully specified LPS215 label printing and finishing solution includes everything your business needs to produce high quality labels with ease and efficiency. This superb system includes the LP215 label printer, LCF215 label finishing solution and the Intec RIP pod complete with PC workstation and all the software needed to produce on demand labels.

The LP215 printer is the ideal solution for any business that requires high quality, short to medium run label production.

Capable of printing onto a vast array of die-cut, matrix removed and retained media, as well as continuous roll substrates this fantastic Intec solution has the versatility to take even the most demanding label jobs in it’s stride.

Once your labels are printed, simply transfer the roll to the LCF215 for finishing. This incredibly compact unit includes easy roll loading for gloss or matte lamination, any shaped label contour cutting, matrix (waste) removal and roll slitting. Combining robust engineering with precision registration; with up to 3 registration marks available, the LCF215 ensures complete cutting accuracy and finishing performance every time.

Control the entire label printing and finishing workflow from the robust Intec RIP pod, complete with a fully specified PC and label printing software. Engineered to the highest standards this rugged steel RIP station has been designed to maximize the efficiency of your print workflow. Featuring adjustable monitor mounts, input device platform and PC housing, the Intec RIP station provides a stable, self contained workstation that is sure to streamline any label production environment. Available options include variable data printing software to personalise every label!

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 GHS, BS5609 and IMDG Certification

The Global Harmonized System of Classification of Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is an international system created by the United Nations to ensure consistency for the labeling of dangerous goods. Bristish Marine Standard BS5609 is a requirement fir self-adhesive labels needing Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification for shipment.

Key Features

• Capable of printing and finishing up to 2,000 labels (4 x 4 inch) in less than 20 minutes

• Finish your digitally printed labels reliably at impressive speed of up to 3 metres per minute on the LCF215 label finisher

• Use DIRECT-CUT, driven through Adobe Illustrator* or CorelDraw* for contour cutting of rolls into any shaped label instantly!

• Laminate labels to provide additional surface protection and light fastness on the LCF215

• Short webbing path for quick and easy removal of waste


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