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Useful Tools

Coil Color & Size Charts

Use this chart to help select the correct size of Plastic Binding Coil for the number of sheets in your document.

CDS Binding Guide

This chart shows the various sizes of Plastic Combs, Plastic Coil, and Twin Loop Wire binding supplies. This is an easy quick glance guide to deterimin the correct size of binding supply item you will need based on the number of sheets or the thickness of your document.

Copier Tab Capable Equipment

This chart will help you select the type of copier equipment you have and to determine which DocuCopy Copier Tabs are a good fit for your equipment. Below you will find the individual templates to download for use with the DocuCopy Copier tabs.


Ring Binder Size Guide and Sheet Capacities

Use this helpful chart to assist with determining the correct size of 3-Ring Binder to use for your projects. Our Guide includes information for both Round Rings and Angle D Rings. Additionally, our guide lists the number of Binders per case based on the size.


Paper Shredder Security Level Chart

We have created this chart to help you determine the best security level of paper shredder that will suit your application. This chart shows the shred size for each level of security from Level 1 – Level 6 (Highest). The chart gives you a visual of the shred size as well as the actual sizes of the shredded pieces for each security level.

Paper Equivalent Weight Chart

The chart below shows the comparative weights of different paper stocks. A paper’s weight is based on the weight of 500 sheets of that paper in its master sheet size. Since the master sheet size varies according to paper type, the weights of the papers are not always consistent. 24-lb. Bond paper, for instance, has a lower weight number than 50-lb. Text, even though it is heavier paper. This is because the basic sheet size for Bond paper is 17” x 22”, while the basic sheet size for Text is 25” x 38”. To avoid confusion, it is often safer to discuss paper in terms of its gram weight. Please note that in some cases, the weights shown may not be available for certain paper stocks and are shown for comparison purposes only.